KyuFree Offers Contactless Curbside Pickup for Grocery Stores and Restaurants

Contactless Curbside pickup is now available for your safety. It is safe, convenient and simple. Order online, drive to the store, confirm your arrival with the click of a button and the store will deliver your groceries/food to your car avoiding any physical contact or unnecessary interaction.

Why Kyufree?

• Contactless Ordering

Allows customers and store employees to respect social distancing & stay safe

• Provide mobile storefront

Allows you to build a mobile presence with KyuFree’s Contactless Ordering and Fulfilment platform.

• Fast and easy setup

Just sign up and provide your product list. KyuFree will do the rest to get you online.

• Increase Revenue

Add new revenue stream with ever growing users on KyuFree platform.

• Technology advancement

Get access to latest technology similar to market leaders without heavy investment.

KyuFree Overview

Our mission is to provide safe, convenient & Contactless experience and we are obsessively positive about it.

Contactless Ordering

Order using your mobile, no need to go inside the store.

Contactless Payment

Pay using KyuFree. No need to hand your card to the cashier at checkout.

Queue Free Checkout

Your order is packed and ready before your arrival, no standing in line for checkout.

Contactless Curbside Pickup

Drive up to the store at pickup time and get your order delivered to your car.

Curbside Grocery/Food Pickup

Ordering and payment process made safe and simple using your mobile.

How it works
  • Open KyuFree app
  • Locate the store & Place your order
  • Select pickup time
  • Go to the store parking & Click “I am here”
  • Show order # for verification & Open your car trunk
  • Get order delivered in your car

Download KyuFree App

Just download the KyuFree app from the App Store. Order what you want and when you want at your convenience for safe curbside pickup.